Window Treatment Ideas for a Narrow Window

Narrow windows can be difficult to decorate, which is why it’s great to get a couple of window treatment ideas for narrow windows when you are prepared to decorate. Due to installing new bigger windows isn’t an choice for many individuals, you can use a few visual tricks and decorator tricks to make a narrow window appear wider and much more substantial.

Utilizing Colour

Colour can significantly effect the way a window appears. If small windows block out light and make your room really feel small, you might wish to use white or light-colored window coverings. Light colours let sun and light in, whilst dark colours block nearly all light out. If you wish to hide narrow windows or give the illusion that they’re bigger, use window coverings that closely match the colour with the walls. Because doing this offers much less contrast, it might take the eye longer to understand exactly where the wall stops and also the window begins.

Curtain Panels

Use curtain panels to widen the look of the window. To complete this, merely set up a curtain rod above the window that’s twice so long as the window is wide. Center the rod, then hang one curtain panel from the rod on either side with the window. While the curtains will only be masking the walls, it’ll appear as in the event the curtains are really covering up portions with the window, making the window itself appear a lot wider than it really is.

Fabrics and Patterns

Fabrics and patterns can imply the difference between a window appearing bigger or appearing weighed down. Window coverings with horizontal patterns or stripes can make a narrow window appear bigger simply because the eye sees the window as wider. Steer clear of layering window coverings or utilizing heavy curtains simply because doing so can make windows appear even smaller and weighed down. You might wish to use sheer or light-weight fabrics like silk, lace and linen simply because they permit light in whilst nonetheless offering some measure of privacy.


Install shutters on either side of a narrow window. This tends to make the window seem wider. You are able to use this visual trick on exterior and interior windows. Whilst this might appear like a decorating tool that will only be utilized inside a “country” design or “beach” design house, there are lots of new sorts of shutters that lend themselves to make use of in a much more contemporary house.


Set up crown (sometimes known as ceiling) molding about your window. This frames your window and tends to make it seem much more significant. Buy white or unfinished ceiling molding at most house improvement centers and have it cut for your specifications. Leave it white and paint the surrounding walls a contrasting colour or stain unfinished molding to match the wood inside your room. Attach the molding with wire nails or building adhesive.

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