Utilize The Window Treatments To Protect Furniture From The Sun’s Damaging UV Rays

Filtering damaging UV rays can triple the life of one’s floors, furniture & artwork

For those who have strong sun exposure, most likely UV Rays can harm your furniture, artwork, and wood flooring. Plenty of house owners do not realize that the sun’s UV rays can damage the interior and d├ęcor they have worked so difficult to create. Just like the sun can have unwanted effects on our skin, it can also have negative effects on our home’s interior. As time goes by, UV rays can damage the interior of our homes in several ways, including:

  • Causing the paint to fade.
  • Ruining fabrics and material on furniture
  • Damaging your home flooring
  • Fading priceless photographs

Simple, untreated window glass can filter a tiny bit of UV rays but additional window treatments are able to help block much more. UV-blocking window treatments not just help prevent damage, but they can also lower cooling costs.

These kinds of shades will also assist in reducing glare on computer and TV screens, which makes them highly suitable for offices and media rooms.

Solar Shades

Add solar shades to all interior east- and west-facing windows to block UV rays. Try to find interior shade material that boasts a protection level of 90 percent or higher, absorbs heat and reduces glare. Ensure the shades are certified by the Greenguard Environmental Institute for protection against chemical emissions from the screen’s material. Select a shade which allows a view through the window while still protecting the house. For best results, purchase the interior solar screen to suit inside the full opening of the window. Manufacturers provide a solar screen panel track system that opens horizontally for use on sliding glass doors and walls containing large expanses of glass.

Honeycomb Shades

Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades, can be a softer, visually satisfying option for blocking UV rays in rooms where decor is vital. Honeycomb shades will block as much UV light and heat as solar shades, and much more in some instances. Honeycomb shades provide filtered light but not the ability to see through the window treatment. Manufacturers offer more colors with honeycomb shades than with solar shades. Both solar shades and honeycomb shades are available with a top-down or bottom-up choice for opening and closing.

Window Film

Apply a UV- and heat-blocking film on the window glass and then install the drapery treatment of one’s choice. Select from insulating, glare-reducing or privacy film. Each kind blocks UV rays and has other advantages. Use insulating film to help keep heat from entering your home through the windows. Install glare-reducing film to avoid wash out of computer screens and televisions in entertainment rooms. Privacy film is frosted or mirrored to keep passers-by and neighbours from seeing into your home.

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