Use Window Treatments to Conserve Energy

Did you know that window treatments can actually insulate your home, trapping in warm air in the winter, and trapping in the cool air in the summer? The US department of energy says that properly installed window treatments can reduce heat gain in the summer by up to 33% and reduce heat loss in the winter by up to 10%. Energy-efficient cellular shades add an extra layer of insulation to your home, saving you money on energy bills. If you like the benefits of cellular shades, but the look of drapery-style fabrics, try insulating roman panel shades.

In the winter, certain treatments, such as heavy drapes or double and triple cell Honeycomb shades, can prevent drafts and create insulation, which helps conserve energy. According to United Illumination Power Company, up to 15% of your heat can escape through unprotected windows.

In the summer, a variety of treatments such as Solar Shades, Cellular Shades and Soft View Shades can reduce the heat in your home by cutting the exposure to the sun’s UV Rays. Shading your home could save up to
8% on cooling costs. However, there is no need to restrict light or impede your view for conservation purposes. Remember to ask us how.

Window treatments can also reduce annoying noise pollution rendering your home back into the sanctuary it was intended to be. Heavy drapes or Double and Triple Honeycomb Shades can insulate the room and help muffle the outside noise.

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