Unique Window Treatments

Would you like to decorate your home in a manner which will make it unique and special?
Unique window treatments will benefit your house whether it’s created elegantly or easy. A uniquely made window treatment will complement an elegant house and make unique a easy one.


One idea for unique window treatments would be to make or buy curtains which are produced up of 3 various colours of silk. The top panel might be a light blue colour, the middle panel a cream colour and also the bottom panel a light pink or lavender. You are able to differ the colours as you wish.


You are able to use tablecloths as window treatments. It’s also an simple project to make yourself at house. The tablecloths may have to become long and rectangular, but you are able to select any print or pattern which you like. You’ll have to complete a little of sewing to turn them into window treatments.

Door Knobs

Add old doorknobs to windows to get a unique look. Use either glass or brass doorknobs. It is really greatest if they do not match completely because it provides it a vintage look. Attach the doorknobs over the windows. Tie curtains to the door knobs utilizing ties produced of material.


Get a feminine touch with window treatments that include ruffles. You’ll most likely need to add the ruffles to existing curtains. Buy curtains in a soft, sage green colour. Add ruffles towards the within of the curtain panels.

Dress Up With Bow-Ties – This really is truly stunning to makeover say, a guest space into a nursery. The cute small bows will also bring a feminine touch to any room in the house. Strips of material in a coordinating colour will also be utilized to create horizontal stripes in the bottom of the curtains.

Select a curtain having a shimmering fabric to start with – we like a lustrous chocolate brown after which purchase some ribbons in each white and an additional colour (we would select a fairly pastel pink curtains for the nursery thought). Produce mini bows from your two hues of ribbon and attach them 1 by 1 in to the pleats in the header of one’s curtain material. Then use a material glue to apply the rest of the ribbon strands in the foot with the curtain in two or 3 horizontal stripes.

When you have by no means tried roman shades they make a good addition to any room. They’re versatile and are available in many different elegant types. You are able to utilize them for insulating your windows. Roman shades can be light filtering or they are able to be utilized for darkening a space by utilizing a blackout liner. It truly depends upon what you would like your window treatment to complete. Usually you are able to match custom roman shades into any d├ęcor.

Although this list of unique window treatment suggestions is by no means comprehensive, you are able to use them as being a beginning point to create your own unique window treatment ideas.

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