Unique Window Treatment Idea for Arched Windows

Make your own window treatment for the arched windows, making something nobody else may have. Use nature to accentuate your outside view or construct your personal decorative privacy shutters. Create a window treatment that’s easy but extremely distinctive, or create an ensemble that looks as if it had been customized produced by a decorator.

Style from Nature

Bring the outside in to get a window treatment for the arched windows. Choose a lot of money of dried grape or ivy vines a minimum of one foot longer than the width of your window. Spray paint the vines white, and as soon as dry, bundle them collectively in groups of 5 or six vines and wrap with wire to safe.

Twist a thin wire tightly about each end with the vines and one within the middle as well. Use steel wool or sandpaper to scuff just just a little with the white off to add some contrast in colour. This produces a much more natural appear.

Bend the vines and secure them in location over the top of the arched window. You would like the vines’ arch to mimic the arched window shape. To help keep them shaped against the wall, safe them in 3 locations, one in each area of the wire on the bundle of vines. These could be secured with any image hanging hardware that you simply use inside your house. They’re actually light sufficient that 3 sturdy push pins will function to secure them.

From the bottom with the arch, hang a white roman shade lengthy sufficient to reach the window sill. This may leave the arch in the window uncovered — hang a easy fern within the open region for much more visual appeal.

Fabric Shutters

Create your personal fabric shutters for the arched windows and let everybody believe you hired a decorator. Start by buying or making two wooden frames for every window. Upon request, your nearby lumber yard can cut your wood so it’ll effortlessly assemble like a frame. As soon as together, stain each frame a colour of one’s option.

Cut your fabric so you are able to pull it tightly and staple it down to the back with the frame. Make certain you staple the fabric on to ensure that whenever you are taking a look at the front of the frame, you see the front side with the fabric. Choose out a thick ribbon inside a coordinating colour towards the fabric. Having a hot glue gun, attach the ribbon more than the staples and edges with the fabric to created a completed look.

Hang the shutters utilizing two hinges each. A easy hook-and-clasp fastener on the front with the shutters could be utilized to fasten the shutters collectively when closed.

Place 5 wooden peg push pins evenly throughout the wall on leading with the arched window: location 1 peg more than the precise center with the arched window, then two down every side of the arch. The pegs ought to all be spaced 4 inches away from the window.

Sew a piece with the fabric you utilized for the shutter, the width of a table runner and also the length of 4 occasions the width with the window. Gently drape this throughout the pegs, pulling it down in puffs in in between the pegs. Let the ends hand down, but not beneath the shutter. You are able to use little push pins to make fascinating shapes as you drape the fabric throughout the wooden pegs.

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