The Home Decor Debate – Shutters vs. Blinds

The shutters vs. blinds debate continues, but really neither one is better than the other. It is more a matter of personal preference and what you actually want the blinds or shutters for. Climate and lifestyle also have a little to say on which one would be best for you.


Blinds are located inside of a door or window and can be opened fully, completely closed and everything in between. They may be decorative, but their main purpose is to control the amount of light allowed to shine through. They are made of wood, plastic, fabric or metal.

Blinds are easy to install and give privacy while also reducing glare. They give a little bit of insulation to the room by reflecting heat back out the window. They look smart and the design seems to fit in with any decor. You can get blinds for internal use, and you can also get special blinds for external use such as to cut glare on the porch or patio. Canvas blinds can be heavy and so you can also get some that roll up automatically at the press of a button. Internal blinds are much cheaper than shutters.


Shutters are usually wooden or metal and are located on the outside of a window or door. They may have vents to allow some light through. They are hinged and can be opened and closed. They are primarily used for decor but also are relatively functional at allowing or not allowing light to shine through.

Shutters on the other hand are not usually placed inside, although some can be. You can get fixed shutters for the outside of the home just to extend the look of the window length and add value to the home through decor. Other external shutters can be used to enclose and protect the window from storm and wind debris that might otherwise smash the glass. They can also give protection from vandals and burglars and so are ideal for holiday homes that are vacant for long periods of time.

Shutters in Perth and other areas are usually made from timber, but can also be of aluminium or plastic. They are sturdier than blinds and will not tear or break if kept in good condition with painting or oiling. Shutters will last a lifetime and they help to reduce noise, which cannot be said for blinds.

Shutters also have better insulating properties than blinds if they are made from timber. They help to keep the heat in during winter and the cool air in from the air-conditioner in the summer.

Shutters actually add value to a home. But they are expensive. Wood or even faux wood blinds provides a good look, as well as shutters, but are very affordable. Shutters are also available in real wood and faux wood. Faux wood should be considered if you are installing in a high humidity area(ie. kitchen or bathroom), since water will cause wood to warp over time.

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