Kids Window Treatment Ideas

When it comes to decorating your kid’s bedroom, kids window treatments would be the important to pulling it all together. When selecting kids window treatments, you will find certainly some essential factors to think about. How old is the kid? What exactly are their preferences? Is the kid male or female? How large will be the room? They are only a few of the questions which you will wish to ask yourself. If you’re decorating a kid’s room, think about enjoyable and fashionable window treatments which will improve the look with the space. Get inventive and play with colours, patterns and textures and produce a haven for the kid.


A simple, however sophisticated concept for a kid’s window treatment is sheer, white curtains. Because they will not offer the privacy you might require, nevertheless, add venetian blinds underneath them. Tie the curtains back with ties which have patterns of trucks or teddy bears on them. An additional choice is bright, cobalt blue floral ties. This really is a perfect touch to get a easy space or perhaps a much more vibrant room as well.


A creative window treatment to get a kid’s bedroom is really a red and blue plaid valance. When the kid’s bedroom features a theme, this kind of as trains or baseball, select a valance with that kind of pattern on it. 1 kind of valance to make use of is really a swag valance. Just drape the plaid fabric more than the curtain rods, and let the fabric hang down around the sides. If you will find numerous windows within the kid’s bedroom, add exactly the same valances to each window within the bedroom.

Storage Cornices

Utilizing storage cornices is a superb method to make the curtain hardware fairly a lot invisible towards the naked eye. Also they’ve the tendency of adding additional details towards the children’s space together with adding extra storage area. The nursery room ultimately will probably be transformed into a actual child’s space and also you will see quickly just how much stuff accumulates over time. This really is exactly where the cornices can help you significantly by offering an extra storage space for all that additional stuff which you wish to maintain.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are an additional excellent choice for kids window treatments. The majority of all they’re ideal in nursery rooms since they can effortlessly restrict just how much light enters the space, because the kid will probably be as well little to complete the curtain opening task by himself or herself.

Themed curtains

Purchasing printed curtains may be one of the easiest and least expensive suggestions to decorate your child’s window. There are lots of patterns to select from, so it is simple to discover a pattern that matches the theme with the room.

To get a girl’s room, you are able to begin with fairy tale patterns. Later on on, if she tires of the fairies, you are able to most likely alter the curtain to an underwater theme by buying a curtain with mermaid patterns. For your boy’s room, you are able to most likely discover some buzz light year prints or some trains/trucks prints.

The very best method to get your windows to match the remainder of the room would be to purchase a matched set of comforter, sheets and window treatments but many times this really is simpler said than carried out. When purchasing, you need to match up a few of the colours to colours in your curtains – this may assist pull the look with the room collectively. Keep in mind, children window remedies don?ˉt need to be an precise match with the bedspread, but when you use a few of the exact same colours it’ll go a lengthy way in creating the space décor appear cohesive.

In the children’s room, short curtains are better than longer drapes. Use revolutionary cords. Bows and butterflies, fairies and Peter Pan are excellent themes. Just make certain the cords don’t come loose to trail around the ground. In a nursery, you can believe of utilizing roller shades that are available in light-blocking designs. Choose a decorative material. This might be connected towards the front with the roller blinds.

Another essential factor to keep in mind is the fact that kids have a tendency to touch and handle curtains and blinds with grubby hands. They might attempt out their artistic abilities on them or merely use components of the curtain as paper! It’s a smart parent who understands this and opts for lightweight materials which are simple to clean and maintain.

Make sure when selecting children window treatments to take correct window measurements. You’ll also wish to make certain which you don’t select some thing that is so elaborate that it tends to make the room like a tiny box. Keep in mind, selecting children window treatments is essential business, however it ought to also be fun.

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