How To Use the Window Treatments To Increase Privacy & Security Without Sacrificing View

By using the right window treatments you can reduce break-ins by 70%, especially if your house is in an isolated area. Statistics suggest that when your windows are covered, burglars and intruders are more reluctant to break in because what they can’t see they can’t predict. By making it more difficult for them to follow your moves or even know if you’re home, you can increase the uncertainty level for potential  intruders and make your home less of a target. These days people are also using automated memory window systems that integrate lighting and window manipulation to give the illusion of manual usage when you’re not at home.

Some window treatments can even help in maintaining privacy without sacrificing the light flow or that beautiful view you fell in love with. Silhouette and Luminette privacy sheers have soft fabric louvers between two layers of sheer material: This allows you to see out without others seeing in. When tilted, Plantation Shutters can produce similar results.

Look out while no one sees in!

Look out while no one sees in!

We all want privacy when in the comfort of our homes. But some rooms need more privacy than others (think ground-level bathrooms, rooms that look out onto busy sidewalks or streets, etc.). In these rooms, above all else, you want a shade that can function as a barrier between you and the outside world.

So, look for opaque window treatments. Roman and roller shades typically use vinyl or polyester fabrics that can offer full, solid coverage.

Pleated and cellular shades can also be useful in providing privacy, provided that they use non-sheer fabrics. If you go this route, I’d recommend finding shades with blackout (or room-darkening) fabrics and even a duofold (top-down, bottom-up) option. Duofold shades allow you to open your shades from the top down, letting light in at the top, while maintaining your privacy at the street level.

Wood blinds and shutters will also provide a highly private environment.

If you like the look of sheer window coverings, you should know that they are less likely to give you full privacy, but it doesn’t mean you have to rule them out. Simply find curtains or draperies that can be layered over the sheers when privacy is needed.

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