How to Choose The Right Level of Opacity and Light Control

The right lighting sets the tone in your living space, creating a wide array of atmospheric conditions to complement the many moods we experience daily.

Effective lighting can be soft or strong—romantic and appealing to the senses. We all know that breathtaking feeling occasioned by the warm gush of soft, natural sunlight into your favorite room, but this is only one of the many sensations that the right window treatments can bring to life. In other words, it’s important to determine the level of opacity and light control you require. Would you like to darken the room completely or diffuse and filter the light?

Or maybe you would like to do both? Traditionally, Venetian blinds and plantation shutters manipulate light better, although they are sometimes viewed as masculine. Shades are usually limited in their light controllability yet are excellent room darkeners. Of course, there are modern shades with a classical touch that have soft louvers for light control. Ask your Unique Design Consultant about treatments that will allow you to control the light without sacrificing your décor or view.

According to a 2005 Sleep in America Poll, 75% of Americans report that they have trouble sleeping on a regular basis. If you are one of the millions of sleep-deprived Americans, you probably want your bedroom to be dark. Whether penetrating sunlight wakes you in the morning or the annoying glare of streetlights keep you up at night, the right window treatments can alleviate these issues and give you the quality sleep you need to feel both rested and relaxed.

Although many window treatments have blackout capability, some are better than others. When considering blackout treatment aspects, you should consider both décor and durability. For example, roller shades are available with a blackout material, yet they have big gaps that allow light to enter unless you take preventative measures. On the other hand, cellular shades with a blackout material are excellent room-darkening products. Drapes and Roman shades with blackout liner are also excellent room-darkening treatments that come in custom fabrics for enhancing your room’s décor. In the end, it’s the masterful blend of style and utility that set the standard for a perfect window treatment.

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