How Do I Determine The Right Placement for My Treatments?

While this first question may seem rather simple, it should not be overlooked. Some further questions need to be addressed here like: Where will I install my treatments? In which rooms will they hang? Should they be inside, over the frame, or should they hang from the ceiling? The answer to these questions will help determine the type of treatments for your unique situation.

Simple things like window treatment placement can make or break your home d├ęcor project. For example, bedrooms usually require treatments that can darken. The living room, on the other hand, should furnish treatments that are not only decorative but also allow you to manipulate the light in such a multi-purpose space. You should also consider the depth of your window frames: For example, if your window frames are less than one and a half inches deep, you might have to place treatments over the frame. In short, the placement of your treatments is a crucial step on which most of your decisions will be based.

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