Custom Window Treatments

Window treatments are available in several sizes, designs, patterns, colours, textures and weights. With a lot of options accessible, it is greatest to choose your window treatment design and materials by how nicely they match with your general room style, current colour pallet, ease of function and anticipated long-term maintenance. A few of the regular supplies accessible for the window treatments consist of fabric, metals, wood and plastic.

Why choose custom window treatments

You vustom window treatments will match completely. They are tailor-made for the windows; absolutely nothing comes out of a box. And since our certified workrooms make every thing to our precise specifications, from stitch length to hem allowance, the high quality is guaranteed 100%.

The custom draperies are lush, not skimpy. Correct fullness will be the important to a custom appear. Most ready-mades have only 1-1? to 2 occasions fullness. Ours are produced using the correct fullness for your selected fabric a generally two to three times. Pleats are deep to get a sumptuous look.

Patterns are matched across seams. This guarantees a consistent flow of style across the custom window treatment. On window swags, cornices and valances, we’ll see the components (birds, bouquets and so forth) are positioned completely.

Select any length you would like. Custom draperies may be produced to any dimension, from short (to clear a bookcase) to long (floor length) and longer (in the event you choose puddling). When you have extremely big windows, we provide extra-long pleats for extra-tall draperies.

Drapery linings make all of the difference. The proper drapery lining adds body, protects your fabrics ?a and tends to make your draperies, shades, swags and cascades appear beautiful. We provide eight various kinds of linings and can assist you to choose the 1 that is greatest for you personally aesthetically and functionally.

The small details make all of the difference. Our custom draperies function 4-inch weighted double hems and one to one?-inch double side hems. Trimmings are hand-sewn or machine-sewn as suitable. Mounting boards for shades and valances are covered together with your material so they look great from any angle.

There are lots of other advantages to buying custom treatments you might not happen to be aware of. If carried out properly, your new treatments will help enhance energy efficiency inside your house which may conserve you money in long term as well. The high quality of one’s treatments ought to be this kind of the lining will shield your investment as well as other furnishings over time. Great lining will make all of the distinction and also you ought to talk about lining choices together with your decorator throughout the style procedure.

smith+noble Custom Window Treatments

Custom window treatment choices for standard window sizes

Drapery Panels

In big living spaces this kind of as family members and living rooms, draperies and drapery panels provide a simple and instant method to dress up interior spaces. Simply because draperies are usually pleated and much more tailored in look, they frequently add a much more conventional look to an general space style. Nevertheless, with numerous various pleating designs ad fabrics accessible at Style Your personal Draperies, we provide you window treatment options and fabrics for everything from casual to modern interiors. Take a look at our broad choice of drapery window treatment choices to meet your decorating objectives.

Window Valances

Window valances are among the much more basic window treatment choices accessible and are hung from a rod, pole or board. They’re frequently a perfect option for kitchen windows over sink locations since they offer instantly colour whilst also leaving visual viewing area via the window. You will find almost a hundred various window valance designs to select from at Style Your personal Draperies. We provide a number of regular window valance styles, in addition to board-mounted vlance choices.

Inexpensive Window Treatments at Style Your personal Draperies

Window treatments provide the perfect chance to let your artistic side shine because they’re colorful accessories to any room motif. In case your space has a number of different-sized or uniquely shaped windows, treatments can differ, as well. Style Your personal Draperies Provides almost custom window treatments at inexpensive costs which you can afford.

Creating use of custom window treatments adds some thing additional unique to any home. A little bit of individual elegance and taste goes a long method to transforming a home into a house.

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