Cheap Window Treatments Ideas

Windows are a constant in all of the places that we live, function and play. They look out over scenes of other individuals exactly where they live, work and play. They offer both a decorating chance and additional privacy. No surprise we seek as plenty of choices for operating with them in our spaces as you possibly can.

Probably the most common choice is adding “curtains” – some kind of drape or cover that partially or completely covers the window and/or the view. In addition to conventional window coverings, you may wish to think about a few of these ideas for “cheap” curtains:

1. Sheets, particularly white ones, make fantastic curtains. You are able to thread the rod via the bottom hem that is generally open on both ends. They are able to be draped over rods too.

2. The truth is, paper is turning into a really well-liked “curtain” material. Think about parchment or butcher paper – pleated and stencilled. Reinforce any grommet holes produced for hanging by utilizing fabric or paper hole re-inforcers. These curtains will last longer if, once “installed,” they don’t have to become moved.

3. All sorts of linens (which you might currently own) can turn out to be curtains – tableclothes can be swagged over curtain rods in several various folds. Tea towels, doilies, and placemats hung from clothespins and drapery clips are also very chic. Dresser scarves could be hung downward from wire strung between two cup hooks Inside the window frame – I even use aprons tied towards the curtain rods as curtains in my cabin.

4. Other “fabric” items make fantastic curtains. Think about hanging pennants from a rope or folding neckties over your curtain rods.

5. Dollar shop shower curtains make Nice curtains truly cheap. You are able to tie the curtains to rods with raffia (which I’ve carried out), thread branches via the holes exactly where the shower hooks ought to happen to be (which I’ve also carried out) or use drapery clips or shower curtain clips to hold them to normal rods (which I’ve not carried out, but have noticed done).

6. Sheer Drapes.

Sheer drapes have a tendency to be significantly much less expensive than your heavier window treatments, and they permit much more light in to the room, even once they are closed. You are able to buy them at just about any home improvement shop, and they’re simple to set up in your fundamental curtain rod.

You do have to be careful with sheer drapes because they are sheer, and therefore, not perfect choices for window treatments in your bedroom. Nevertheless, they’ll work fantastic for many families in the primary living areas of the home: kitchen, living room, den, sitting room, entry, dining room, and wherever else you’ve windows.

7. Cheap Window Treatment Ideas: Make Your Own Drapes

If you have got a sowing machine and basic proficiency, it’s truly simple to create your own cheap window treatments. All you should buy will be the fabric, and also you just have to hem the edges and sew loops onto the top (or slits via the top, in the event you favor that technique). Your crafty tendencies will conserve you lots of money, and this really is particularly helpful for odd sizes of windows which will not match nicely with your standard store-bought window treatments.

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