Bow Window Treatment Ideas

bow window treatmentBow window treatments have specific requirements. The graceful and sophisticated bow window will make your space appear brighter, larger and exquisite when the right treatment is supplied. In other words, your bow window could be your house majestic attraction when you have selected the proper curtains, blinds and shutters. To handle this matter correctly, you need to think about many basic problems.

The design of one’s house decor is important for the bow window treatments. It could be conventional, nation, modern or eclectic. The architecture from the bow window can also be essential, in addition to the texture and colours from the fabric utilized for the window covering. Thinking about suggestions for window remedies, you need to anticipate the place from the window. Generally, it’s situated on the ground floor and on the front side from the home or is oriented to the street. So, you’ve to help keep in thoughts the sight in the outdoors.

Generally, the typical dilemma of homemakers is being in a position to select the proper bow window remedies for their house. You will find a lot of concerns which have to become offered attention to. The positioning, the materials, the proper design and design, the color, in addition to whether or not to go for printed or plain solid-colored bow window treatments, ought to all be offered ample believed prior to obtaining in to the procedure of purchasing the proper treatments. Via correct assessments, you’d have the ability to locate a great set of remedies which will certainly function in accordance for your home’s construction and style.

The very first stage would be to think about the location of one’s bow window. In case your bow window is facing a street or is on the front side of one’s home, you have to also anticipate how it’ll appear from the outdoors. This element influences the option of window blinds. The window blinds should be selected so as to complement the windows each from within in addition to from outdoors. You are able to have separate window blinds for all of the 4 windows within the bow window. Cloth roll-up blinds would be the greatest option if you’re thinking about the view from the window from within in addition to from outdoors. An additional way would be to use a various cloth on the outer side from the blinds from that utilized on the inner side. This may sound complex but is among the greatest bow window remedies. Curtains are selected based on the color of the walls from the space and also the design of decoration. For putting in the curtains, every window should have its personal valence. Valences on the windows complement the windows extremely nicely. Curtains on the windows facing the front side are made to possess a pleasing impact. Lacy curtains, silk curtains or checkered curtains are utilized based on the design in which the space is decorated. The fall from the curtains are often two-thirds, with curtain trims. The window corners are also covered with various fabric to complement the curtains. At occasions, whenever you want total privacy, you are able to add a shutter the bay from inside.

Discovering window treatments for bow windows is really a small difficult, when you can’t hang conventional rods or curtains across the entire window.


Purchase or make brief valances to hang in every person window. Valances are brief curtains that hang down only one-third to one-half of the way permitting lots of sunlight and clean air to get in the space. You’ll need to hang a rod for every person curtain to help keep the bow impact from the window. Use spring tension rods when the casing is deep sufficient to permit. Spring tension rods match tightly within the window casing, which indicates you don’t have to place damaging hardware in to the wood of the window casing.

Roman Shades

Roman shades provide the very best of both the décor and also the privacy worlds. Roman shades are fabric shades which you can pull down providing you privacy or raise permitting sunshine and light when preferred. The fabric you select for the Roman shades enables you to add a decorative flair that coordinates using the rest from the space. Make or purchase 1 Roman shade for every area from the bow window.

Cafe Curtains

Café curtains provide you with each privacy and light in the exact same time. Café curtains possess a short valance top, but additionally possess a bottom area that addresses the bottom half from the window. You are able to use both hardware curtain rods or spring tension rods to hang this kind of curtains inside your bow window.


Buy narrow blinds for the bow window. These function nicely particularly in an workplace or perhaps a den inside your house. Purchase wooden or plastic blinds for the bow windows, nevertheless they might require cutting in the hardware shop to ensure that they match your bow window precisely. Blinds are simple to maintain clean. Merely wipe each sides from the slats having a damp rag every so often.

Paneled Curtains

Hang paneled curtains at your bow windows. Plan to possess 1 panel for every area from the bow window. In the event you don’t have sufficient space in in between the casings from the windows discover some curtain rings to hang in the ceiling. Open and near the curtains when preferred.

In the event you wonder whether or not to select shutters or draperies, bear in thoughts that shutters provide a much more fixed appear than draperies. The latter are helpful particularly when the bow window has overwhelming seats. The draperies might be floor-length-size or cut-to-fit ones based on the length from the window. With regard to problems this kind of as light filtering and privacy, fabric shades offer a great option to draperies. As for privacy, the bow window can turn right into a cozy sanctuary for studying or meditation if it’s constructed more than a window shelf or window seat. It’s simple to do that: the hardware shouldn’t stick to the curve from the bow window, location the hardware on the wall outdoors the contour and attach a curtain-rod across the open space.