Bay Window Treatment Solutions

The function of a bay window is to bring more light in to the room and permit views that wouldn’t be provided by a standard window. Even though bay windows are gorgeous in their very own right, the right window treatments for bay windows can add to the splendor of this kind of window.

Curtains and Draperies

Lots of bay windows have built-in window seats that may or may not double as storage. Placed cushions produced from coordinating fabric to your draperies or shades can make a coordinated custom look. In case your bay window does not have a built-in window seat, consider having one installed. It makes a great reading nook or play area for the children. Use curtains and draperies to turn the window seat area into a private getaway. Hang a curtain straight across the wall exactly where the bay window begins to protrude. Draw the curtains when you wish to design a private seating area. Leave the curtains open to expose the bay window area when desired.

Use panels to make a dramatic look on a bay window. Hang panels across every with the person windows, adding sheer panels underneath heavier panels for additional drama. Draw the sheer panels when you want just a little privacy, but nonetheless want light. Draw both the sheer and weighty panels whenever you wish to block light out of one’s room.

Based in your design, sheer café curtains having a fixed rod in the top and bottom can produce a cozy casual impact. This could be carried out having a single fixed panel more than each window or with two panels more than each window that may be slid apart to take in the view.


Roman shades are a great choice for a lot of bay windows, especially these close to media rooms or living rooms. Roman shades are rolled up and pulled down, permitting you to alter the shade to remain partially closed to let sp,eight in and nonetheless decrease glare. Choose Roman shades to match the rest of one’s house interior. Maintain them pulled as much as let light in, and roll them down for much more privacy.

Fabric shades which are custom-made to match a bay window are an ideal, and costly, window treatment choice. Have the drapes customized produced to match any decorative element of one’s house. The shades will probably be set up in every of one’s window panels, making a uniform and sophisticated appear.


Wood shutters are a window treatment choice that offers nation charm. They’re flexible in which you can permit light in towards the house, or you are able to totally block light out. Numerous shutters are also made using the capability to become drawn back from the window, permitting it to stay exposed.

Floor length shutters positioned before a bay window is definitely an uncommon method to produce privacy whilst permitting the flexibility to display off your stunning windows. Fold the shutters up and location them towards the side to permit your window to shine. Unfold the shutters and place them throughout the window region for privacy having a modern feel.

Valances and Cornices

Valances are an choice that may be additional to nearly any window treatment to get a much more completed appear. Valances may be set up across the front of the bay or adhere to the curve with the bay above every window. In case your bay window runs complete height towards the ceiling, a cornice across the front can define a secondary space within the bay for intimate seating.

Bay window treatments either decorate each window separately or deal with the entire as a unit. In case your bay window frames a magnificent view without any require for privacy or protection from the sun, do not be afraid to complete absolutely nothing. Enjoy the view and let nature provide the decoration.

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