Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas

Your bathroom window can mean a view to a stunning scene in the yard or an opening you would like to cover for privacy. Adding a bathroom window treatment is definitely an simple method to improve the beauty of your bathroom from the inside or outside. A lot of window treatment ideas are doable to get a little investment.

Curtains and Valances

1 with the simplest methods to cover a bathroom window with stunning colours would be to hang a curtain rod along with a window covering which fits other decor components in the space. Select a colour for the rod, curtain and valance which fits the colour of wall paint, the colour and tone of the bathroom cabinets and tiling or tub finish, or the colours of floor coverings and toilet covers. Select a curtain or perhaps a valance. A curtain is available in quite a few sizes and may cover the complete length of the window. A valance can be a shorter piece of materials that may be placed alone on the window or over a customized curtain. Set up a curtain and/or valance on a curtain rod that you simply measure to match the window precisely.

Roman Window Shades

Roman window shades provide a various look for the bathroom window. You are able to prefer to choose a shade that lets in a small or lots of all-natural light. Adhere to the instructions provided in the box to hang the shade.


A distinctive effect for the bathroom could be accomplished with customized bathroom shutters that match precisely inside the bathroom window frame. Use the measurements of your bathroom’s window frames. Utilize measurements to store online or in the home improvement shop for custom shutters. Whenever you purchase custom shutters, you’ll possess a option within the matter of price, materials and finishes. smith+noble Custom Window Treatments is really a national supplier of interior shutters that lets you design your shutters on-line.

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